Sunday, October 2, 2011

The best prepaid cell phones spot

I shop all over for cell phones, usually in my neighborhood because I live in New York city, it's easy. But when I'm looking for a new model or even greater value, I go online and shop for the phone I want. Lately I have been into prepaids because I am tired of swapping out chips and stuff every time I try out a new phone. Now what I do is I buy a pre-paid phone model that I wanted, then after I use it enough to check out the technology I just sell it to a friend or even a stranger!

I know it sounds like I'm losing money but I'm not! Most of the time I get the phone for less than retail WITH minutes that are usually unlimited, then I use it for a month and sell it for what I paid (or five or so bucks more) and the person who buys it must put the next months minutes on it. It always works out to a win win situation. Most normal people keep the phones I get them and are happy with them, so I have made a little business of it doing things this way.

I'll be a nice guy and let you all in on my secret, I shop at the "right" place to get what I need at the right discount, see... get it? lol! Anyway if you want to know the secret place to buy all the latest phones at the cheapest prices, here it is: I shop at the best prepaid cell phones spot. They are the number 1 wholesale prepaid phones plans unlimited company on the planet! and that is not just a bold claim, I have nada to do with them, I just found them through hours of searching and comparing prices/plans/values... it was daunting! So enjoy the fruits of my hard labor and get your phone buying on at their store ;)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Welcome to my Cell Phone Blog!

I'm always buying new cell phones and trading them with friends, really I am not nuts! I just really love technology! Anyway I decided I would make a blog about it and fill it with pictures and descriptions of the phones I have owned, I wouldn't call it reviews though because it's just for kicks!